Beneath the Veil


It is nearly midnight and She is still not home . He paces up and down the stairs nervously waiting . Minutes go by and nervousness is replaced by anger. He checks her last seen on Whatsapp and finds out that She had last used the app an hour ago ,two hours since they talked. He wonders what must She be up to.  Finally a  notification pops up. He pulls down the notification bar and reads her message preview but doesn’t open the app yet  as for reason unknown He just doesn’t want to be available to Her the same second. He switches off the data and opens the message :

Red light ,did store too.Should be home in 10 mins ,its okay if you sleep . “

He feels so much anger at her for not having written for last three hours. He wonders what if she met someone in store and they kiss . He just wants to know if that is what she wants and he would happily let her be . She is better than me ,he tells himself. She is pure and will never Cheat as she is a better person than him. He hates himself for being this and wonders what did she do to deserve him . He turns data on and writes :

Take your time love, waiting .

It is nearly midnight and She is returning home . Rehearsal was as usual and she just can’t wait to fall asleep. She had a productive day all in all except the cigarette cravings are still spoiling her mood every now and then. She wonders if he wasted another day . She feels like his mom for thinking like that. He sounded weird last time they talked. Wish i could make him sit and work. Long distance sucks and he isn’t working any harder to finish his thesis soon enough. Why isn’t he working his ass off to get here? Am i not motivation enough ? She wonders and comes to halt as the signal turns red. She checks her whatsapp and finds what the girls have  been up to . They had sent some cute guy’s pic seated next to them . She cant help smile and then she checks on him. he was last online a minute ago . She writes :

Red light ,did store too.Should be there in 10 mins ,its okay if you sleep . “

She wonders why doesn’t he ever write first. She gets that she is busy mostly but why is he so stubborn . Hope he studied she  says to herself again . The green t-shirt guy in store was cute and was obviously checking her out . She catches herself smiling and wonders why hasn’t he written yet.The signal turns green and her phone beeps.


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