The Naggings of a perfectly healthy Depressed Mind

The past always seems like an easier world to live in. So is future but when i think of the past i am certain that if  i were to wake up and find myself in school again, I would definitely nail almost everything : music competitions to elocution,involvement in sports to studies. What we never try to figure out is why we couldn’t live that awesome life when we had our chance. Present is always so freaking hard. Getting overwhelmed by the difficulties waiting us right now is so common that we never pause to think why is it so hard. Why are we always playing a catch up game with life ?
I do not have the answers. I am as smart as anyone outside and my rhetoric post has no pathbreaking revealations. I am tired in general of being a hypocrite . I dream but i cant act and after a long period of inaction i dont even know what i desired or wanted or dreamt passionately about.


If i found another homo sapien in similar condition my first question would be “What went wrong?”. The irony is in knowing that nothing did,it’s just that I am overwhelmed and tired and so this post too must end abrupt.


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