Losing my writing virginity!

I know am going to regret the title later . We all have done the “not so cool” things in the past which seemed like a really good thing to do initially and later they magically transitioned to one of our many regrets . Well ,so be it! Two sentences down and no regret yet , i still feel cool and writing feels good.

So , lets start with the introductions. I am just another soul ,who is going to scribble down whatever i feel like to my heart’s content . If you are reading this chances are you are my You know Who , as i really do not expect my audience to be more than two : me and my alter ego . My jokes are lame , but that’s the point , writing without thinking . Publishing without expecting.

And if you are not any of my alter egos and God forbid a real human , well then my friend let me make you feel special , you are one of the two homo sapiens living on this planet to have read this article . Even in theĀ  Apollo Eleven mission they had three astronauts (whether they actually landed on our only natural satellite or shot it in a studio is a whole different story) . So i hope you realize how special i actually made you just now .

Now before i end this torture , i plan to write at least once every week . And guess what , i still feel cool !

Happy living ,

The Worldly Monk.


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